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First things first, I am here to help you! I’m so happy to help color match you and find your perfect IIID foundation shades. If you are overwhelmed about color matching, just send me a message! I will guide you in finding your perfect custom shades and recommendations for tools for the perfect application.

The way Maskcara works is simple. You start with your two main shades. Your “Highlight” shade and your “Contour” shade. These two colors help give you a dimensional look and take the place of your one layer foundation. Throw out your old way of thinking and the process you have done for Years. I know it can sound intimidating, but I promise it is SO much easier and quicker than traditional makeup.


You want your Highlight shade to be lighter and brighter than your usual foundation shade. This helps correct and even out your skin tone. If you have severe redness or acne have no fear, you’ll just need two highlights. One to color correct and conceal and one as your main Highlight.


Your contour shade can be warm, neutral, or cool depending on your preference and skin tone . It’s the perfect way to add definition, warm up your complexion, or it can even minimize facial features by creating shadows.


These beautiful shades for your cheeks and lips are an array of pigmented cremes to bring your whole look together. A little goes a long way and I love that you can use these colors for your cheeks and lips. A busy woman’s dream!



The creme Illuminator’s provide the perfect glow without being too much. You can totally wear these everyday and the perfect placement really helps your skin come alive!

To get your Free color match, send me a Make-up free selfie, like the one below, in natural light and I will recommend your colors! (I know that seems kinda scary, but I promise only I will see it!) I can’t wait to help you get started!

Email me in the Contact Form to chat!

-Currently Maskcara only ships within the USA and Canada soon!!



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