Hello 2019!

I just want to be honest that New Years “resolutions” aren’t my forte…. BUT, I’m all about writing some new goals out this week for the year ahead. Are you writing out some goals as well?

I hope this year is a fresh start for you. To leave behind the disappointment and fear of the unknown. To be thankful for the lessons you learned in 2018 and grow from them. To focus on what really matters and be present. That happiness doesn’t always mean “more.” This is my hope for you. Let’s make this year a magical one.

Let’s start this year with a fresh mindset and peace in knowing everything is working in your favor! I truly believe that.

Add a little Sparkle in your Life

Now is the perfect time to add in some fun new colors and a little sparkle to your makeup! I am in love with the new Maskcara Beauty Glitters! They are so fun!

One thing I love about these glitters is you can press on a little to your inner corner for a little sparkle or pack it on your lid for a mega glam look! Just spritz your brush before applying with a setting spray to help it stay put all day!

In this new year don’t be afraid to change up your everyday look and add a pop of something new!

You can find them here!

Maskcara Glitters

Happy New Year gorgeous!

Featured photo: Ryan Halls

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First off, thank you for visiting my website! I hope I can sprinkle a little joy into your life and share some beauty tips and fun things in between. As a professional hair and makeup artist for 13 years my goal is help others see their true potential and to feel gorgeous, inside and out!

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