Hey beauties and Happy Friday!! I figured I would share some questions and answers on here! Y’ALL. I am dying right now because I watched the live this morning from our big beauty conference and they are announcing brand new products! Ahhhhh. Fabulous new things ahead! So pumped. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Some frequently asked questions about Maskcara IIID makeup! How long will each single tin last? It depends on how often you’re applying. The HIGHLIGHTS (foundations) can last anywhere from 2-4 months β€’ CONTOUR can last 3-6 months β€’ ILLUMINATORS can last 6-12 months β€’ BLUSH can last 6-12 months. Β How is the coverage?Β  The beautiful thing about IIID foundation is the buildable coverage! If you’re looking for a simple look, Maskcara’s got you covered!Β Β If you’re looking for extra coverage, brighten up the highlight and go deeper with your contour! You can color correct with certain shades before you go in with your main highlight too!Β  Β Is this for all

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