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**Update! Enrollments will be open on a weekly basis during the soft launch! To make sure you get in before August 1st to be a Founding affiliate fill out this form below and I will email you when it opens back up! 

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I’ve been wanting to add Lashes to my beauty world for a while. When I tried the LashLiner lashes ( no glue- you apply them with Magnetic Eyeliner)… I was in LOVE!!

Fast forward to now… This week is the soft launch of a brand new Affiliates Program and additional company to the LashLiner family called “Tori Belle.” From the creator and CEO of LashLiner, the patent pending Magnetic Eyeliner, Laura Hunter! She’s a makeup artist of 25 years and inventor of Magnetic eyeliner. Since I was an affiliate with the other company LashLiner, as soon as they opened up this portion of this company, I was ALL IN.

Laura, the CEO of LashLiner and Tori Belle and inventor of Magnetic Eyeliner!

It’ll be a special sister company to LashLiner and the Magnetude Magnetic liner and quality of lashes are the exact same! Just new names and packaging and new, exciting products, and bigger opportunity!

As a founding affiliate, You’ll be able to be in right at the start ( which gives you special perks!) and be able to share these awesome lashes and more exciting new products! And guess what… you don’t have to buy stock to sell. Hallelujah!

So far these are the 3 New Tori Belle Lash styles!

Here I’m wearing the LashLiner style “Nashville” which is close to the Tori Belle Style “Selfie!”

“Until August 1st, all Starter Kits will be $99. After that, the price will be $129. Everyone who joins tori belle cosmetics before August 1st will be considered a Founding Affiliate. Founding Affiliates will receive special recognition and those performing will be invited to participate in committees that will help shape the future of tori belle. Before August 1st, every Founding Affiliate will be eligible for sales leads. Those who are building teams will be eligible for Affiliate leads. After that, eligibility for leads will be based on rank achieved.”

If there’s something big I learned about being in a beauty company, it’s that being at the Start is KEY!

Here’s what you get in your Tori Belle Starter Kit! I love that it’s affordable and helps you get started to share these amazing Magnetic Liner Lashes!

Don’t wait! If you want to be a founding Affiliate fill out the free and easy Form below on the Tori Belle Website Link! Spots are filling up Fast!

**Here’s my details to add me as your reference person!

Referrer name: Jen Russo

Referrer Email:

Fill out the form on this Link!

For additional information and latest Updates visit the Tori Belle Facebook page:

I can’t wait to be on this awesome new journey with You!!!

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